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What is CryptoPunk?

CryptoPunk is an NFT project that displays special pixel image characters. Check out the image below!

CryptoPunk is a collection of 10,000-pixel images, each image displaying different personalities, combinations, and special unique characters created randomly. From a series of 10,000-pixel images, there are 6,039 male Punk and 3,840 female Punk.

Some of them wear red lipstick, 3D glasses, with braided hair and buck teeth, and some wear a cool beanie.

However, some punks may not have any unique features or attributes. They are known as “Genesis Punk.”As one of the very first NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunk is ranked as the most popular NFT project.

Decrypt stated that as of 1st September 2021, CryptoPunk managed to reach its trading volume of more than 118 billion USD.

Who is the creator of CryptoPunk?

Short Answer: CryptoPunk was created by The American Larva Labs Studio.

CryptoPunk is one of the first NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain launched in 2017.

This NFT project was developed by the American Larva Labs studio. Larva Labs is a company founded by Canadian software developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson.

The interesting part is this project was inspired by Punk London, a cyberpunk community including Neuromancer novel William Gibson, the film Blade Runner, and the music artist Daft Punk

Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
1K6BJ3iFMjnxPytEnN2ixQkCGLvFc1Z7Ff15 satoshi2022-09-28 02:37:20
1KkXKqRQbJu6fsbj6cTkURfqb8ktnci8DW15 satoshi2022-09-28 02:36:30
1CJpVe1Xma8SoDmsjQjCGdCh8jKPTmWbUC15 satoshi2022-09-28 02:35:27
1F2PxbZsTgiuPmGNw4ceE12DgvpayxEvrZ15 satoshi2022-09-28 02:33:43
1KN1A8yxmnWgD7Dp4nXdbYHBwLRaJ9Mu7j15 satoshi2022-09-28 02:33:12
1CJpVe1Xma8SoDmsjQjCGdCh8jKPTmWbUC15 satoshi2022-09-28 02:30:48
1JeogEmvvoYbSM1sjSeVWg7cuzqqAqFEFW15 satoshi2022-09-28 02:30:25
14w54KUdzoJ5KbLU9KrF5C7o8mevSuQhkL15 satoshi2022-09-28 02:30:17
1BAkosJRYvAT6ebZDr7tFG6HfHXyNzmEMd15 satoshi2022-09-28 02:29:58
188b53wiEYRs8azryVimKQa1cLyidFyK3k15 satoshi2022-09-28 02:28:27